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Marketing executive meeting a client

Bad marketing is a cost centre.
Good marketing drives growth.

I provide CEOs with marketing strategy and execution guidance to drive growth. 
Fractional CMO, marketing consulting, and advisory services for B2B companies.

Tailored marketing expertise

Are your marketing efforts falling flat? Is your sales pipeline dwindling? Unsure about scaling your business or entering new markets?


Let's tackle these challenges head-on. I offer bespoke strategies and tactical plans aligned with your business goals, paving a clear path to tangible success. Our collaboration can take various forms:

Icon representing a Fractional CMO
Fractional CMO

Integrate seasoned leadership into your team.


I guide strategic initiatives and oversee tactical execution on a part-time or temporary basis, ensuring your marketing efforts drive results.

Icon representing marketing consulting
Marketing Consulting

Address specific marketing challenges or projects with a focused, results-driven approach.


I provide expert guidance in a deliverables-based engagement to help you achieve your objectives.

Icon representing a Marketing Advisor
Power Hour Advisor

Need quick, expert advice?


In a one-hour advisory session, I'll provide objective insights and actionable steps to help untangle your marketing challenges and set a clear direction.

Facing stalled growth, preparing to launch new products, or planning to enter new markets?

Computer monitor showing results from the Marketing Foundation Scorecard by McClurg Marketing

Navigating these challenges requires a solid marketing foundation—a key to ensuring your initiatives are successful and your growth is sustainable. The Marketing Foundation Scorecard is specifically designed to help B2B leaders like you identify and reinforce the core elements required to craft a winning marketing strategy.


With our quick and insightful scorecard, you can:

  • Diagnose underlying issues causing stalled growth.

  • Ensure readiness for launching new products or services.

  • Strategically prepare for entering new markets.


You’ll get actionable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive your business forward. 

Adept at building teams, brands, and company value

Hi, I'm Richard!​

With a career in marketing and executive leadership stretching over 20 years in the B2B and B2G sectors, I have always been driven by the challenge and excitement that comes from nurturing start-ups, boosting scale-ups, and contributing to the growth of established companies.


As a trusted advisor, I deeply understand the growth and scaling challenges and what it takes to overcome them. My experience includes:

Models: B2B, B2G​

Solutions: Software, Hardware, Services

Industries: Semiconductors, Telecommunications, Medical Devices, Media & Entertainment, Public Safety, Automotive, Industrial Automation, Manufacturing​

Channels: Direct, System Integrators, Value-added Resellers, Distributors

When not helping clients or mentoring up-and-coming marketing rockstars at, I’m diving into the blue abyss, sailing the open seas, or carving (and occasionally face-planting) through snow. 


Let's connect if you want to navigate uncharted waters, accelerate growth, or need a seasoned captain to guide your marketing efforts.

Geoff Bellew, Founder/President

"Richard is invaluable to founders and CEOs striving to win in new or existing markets, where brand, customer intimacy, revenue generation and staking out a clearly understood and differentiated value proposition is required."

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Fractional CMO, marketing consulting, and advisory services for growing businesses.

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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